Grandpa in the milky way

We were busy spotting in sky our grandpa who now lives there and we kept losing coordinates.

We would go our downstairs to drink water for the fingers that went dumb counting the stars.

It seems it was a holiday next with the stars sleeping in the hall. Rooms were somewhat stuffy.

They had their arms and feet intertwined in the deep sleep.One heard their snores in milk.

The milk would spill sideways. It was so hard to keep count.We gave up locating grandpa.


Morning with God

As I turned the corner I saw this man exchanging  confidences with a flower tree. He had three lines on the forehead , aspiring for God. His confidences were about God, plucking white flowers from the tree’s darkness. He embraced it for God. He floated on it like a flower.

He eye-contacted me for God. My own flowers were parijats that fell to the earth ,their white faces down and their red feet up. Their feet were red like Krishna’s feet on the tree , mistaken for a bird by the hunter who shot a killer arrow at it.

But  we do not have our exquisite God-children dying. From the trees where they sit playing the divine flute they just turn into God who sleeps on the milky ocean,  eyes closed,  under a serpent’s hood.