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White lies

White lies is what the man in the story tells his wife about their non-existent sons in America

The story of four sons . Three of them are in America earning their filthy dollars while the fourth one has stayed back at home to look after the aged parents.

The sons in white America send white dollars to the parents to enable their journey.

What if one of them has a white wife who is good enough to get him to buy a car for them and it is still a white lie.

How nice, who knows what lies ahead!

White America, white wife, white lies

The man spins his yarns in the train’s clackety, clackety to a wife who knows in the depths of her heart it is these lies, these white lies that make up their lives.

To the lone fellow-passenger who has own white lies to speak. Every one has his own white lies.

His narratives fill the vast silences of the night as the train slices through them.

Their white fluorescence illumines the darkness in his soul.

It is these white lies that dispel black existential questions for a moment.

Like the soft beam of the train’s headlight that brings several dark bushes into transitory existence and then leaves them to the oblivion of the night.


( A Telugu short story entitled “Yatra Special” by Dr. Somaraju Susheela)


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